Importance of email marketing for all businesses
Email Marketing
Behtash Moojedi

33 Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Business

Email marketing is a process of creating and sending newsletters, emails, or other electronic messages with the intent of marketing or building a relationship with customers. Email marketing is often criticized as being outdated or ineffective, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is still considered one of the most cost-effective ways

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trust leadership
Behtash Moojedi

Leadership – Developing Courage in Your Team (Part 1 of 2)

A few weeks ago, I listened to the “Dare to Lead” podcast by Brené Brown,” and it elevated me to write my thoughts on developing courage in the workplace. Before getting started, you might ask…Why should we listen to you, Behtash? I spent most of my work leading teams of all sizes, national and offshore,

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how to splint test or a / b test your search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Behtash Moojedi

How to A/B Split-Test Your SEO

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You are spending a lot of time or money writing blogs. Every time you look at your traffic report, it’s the same thing…some multiples of zero for your real-time traffic, your page views are in 100s, and you are at the mercy of spending ad dollars to keep your

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Metaverse as a digital marketing strategy - behtash moojedi
Digital Marketing
Behtash Moojedi

Digital Transformation (Part 2): Diving into The Metaverse…Ready…Set…Go!

I was always fascinated by the concept of alternative realities. The idea of having a group of multiple universes that together comprise everything that exists, whether time, space, matter, energy, information, laws, and constants in the universe is very intriguing. Numerous books, stories, movies, and games base their notion on alternate realities or multiverses. As

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NFT as a digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing
Behtash Moojedi

Digital Transformation: NFT as Digital Marketing Strategy

If you have been spending any time online these days, you must have heard something about NFTs (non-fungible tokens). So it captured my attention when I heard about some of those big sales numbers. For example, did you know that the most expensive NFT was sold for over $91 million? Big names across all industries are

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Behtash Moojedi

I am a seasoned marketing expert who specializes in global digital marketing. I am experienced in digital marketing and SaaS product development across multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail trade, and financial services. I have a passion for helping businesses grow their digital footprint across the competitive landscape.

I do so by developing robust audience strategies based on brand goals, in-market signals, and creating omnichannel marketing across all digital mediums for maximized results. In short, achieving business goals and long-term sustainability without hindrance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing, or online marketing, is a form of modernized marketing that uses the internet to connect individuals or businesses together. Like any other form of marketing, there is always a form of offer/service/ solution and, on the other side, buyers that are searching for them. Businesses and individuals are now leveraging digital channels to connect with current and future customers.

Some of the digital marketing channels include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Text/multimedia marketing, Email Marketing and Automation. 

Digital marketing is becoming more prominent than ever before. Therefore, analyzing and understanding data and telling the right story is essential in digital marketing. Digital marketing is a fast-growing field, and there are always new tactics and channels to add to your strategic arsenal.

Invest in digital marketing today. It is a powerful form of marketing that allows you to understand your customers and tailor your content based on purchasing and interaction behaviors. In addition, calculating ROI is much easier with digital marketing.

Yes! This field is very much in demand. It is the new way of doing marketing and advertising. It helps the companies understand so much about their customers. This field changes and grows with technology. 

I don’t it can. At least we are long way from a full replacement. Think about it this way, internet marketing was born 31 years ago and yet we are still using print marketing, TV and radio advertisement. Every channel has its own importance. It is up to the business to choose what works best for their business. 

Interesting question! I think customer behavior impacts digital marketing more than digital marketing impacting customer behavior. I believe impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior can be psychological in sorts. 

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